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Interviewer: How many times do you spell your name?

The struggle is real.

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By significant and strange do you mean hopeful and optimistic?

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The Secret of Kells - early production design

This movie made me wish there was more independent animation readily available to consume.

If it’s within reasonable means, watch L’illusionniste (the Illusionist)(2010). It’s a British-French animated film that is very reminiscent of old Disney movies, and it is fantastic and gorgeous to watch.

LOVE The Secret of Kells.

"Secret of Kells" is one of my favorites. Love the style, love the way the story is told.

One of my favorites as well. The animation is gorgeous.

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Mary has many qualities. Good and bad. It doesn’t matter what you choose to focus on, but it’s not right to ignore her personality and abilities and only focus on her being a liar.

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